Must Try Puttu Varities in Kerala

Must Try Puttu Varities in Kerala

Puttu, a timeless culinary treasure from Kerala’s kitchens, is one of the healthiest breakfasts you can imagine! Puttu, which is made of steamed rice flour and grated coconut, has a distinct flavor and texture that stems from the special container in which it is steamed.


Puttu is mainly comprised of coarsely ground rice, grated coconut, and water, but it is made more interesting by replacing the main ingredient, rice powder, with Chembu (Arbi), Wheat, Cholam (Corn), Ragi, and a mix of various grains multi-grain).


1. White Puttu


Double Horse White Puttu Podi is made by combining different types of rice in a balanced combination to retain the perfect color, aroma, flavor, and taste. Double Horse white Puttu Podi is high in B complex, vitamins, and iron. It is one of the most common and beloved breakfasts of Malayalis.


2. Ragi Puttu


Kerala Style Ragi Puttu is a delicious and nutritious dish made from ragi flour and coconut and cooked in a puttu steamer. The flavor is nutty and goes well with Egg Curry or Kadala Curry.
Puttu is made by steaming rice flour, coconut, and salt in a special Puttu Maker. This recipe is a variation of the original, with the addition of ragi making it more nutritious. Serve the Ragi Puttu made from Double Horse Ragi Puttu Podi with Kerala Kadala Curry for a healthy Indian diabetic meal or with jaggery and bananas for a super tasty breakfast.


3. Chemba Puttu


Traditional foods made from wheat are popular in Kerala. Double Horse Chemba Puttu Podi is made by combining various types of rice in a balanced proportion. The traditional rice puttu powder has been slightly altered to include wheat flavor. Chemba Puttu podi is a well-balanced combination of rice powder and wheat.


4. Corn Puttu


Corn flour is made from maize or corn. Corn puttu flour has a fine texture and is sometimes combined with rice flour. Maize flour is mixed with water and salt and steamed in a puttu maker with grated coconut to make tasty corn puttu, also known as maize puttu. This puttu not only has a pleasant aroma but also a pleasing appearance.
Double Horse Corn Puttu Podi flour can be easily found in any Indian grocery store or ordered online.


5. Wheat Puttu


Double Horse Wheat Puttu Podi is a traditional South Indian dish made with whole wheat, coconut, and sugar. This authentic South Indian delicacy is a perfect balance of sugar cooked with coconut and wheat, making this easy Wheat Puttu recipe a healthy option to satisfy those unexpected sweet cravings. Puttu can be prepared in a variety of ways, one of which is to serve it as a sweet dish.


6. Black Rice (Kavuni Arisi) Puttu


Black rice puttu is a delicious breakfast made with black rice/Kavuni Arisi that originated in Chettinadu cuisine. In Tamil, it is also known as Kavuni Arisi or Karuppu Arisi. This rice is well-known for its high nutritional content, particularly the antioxidants that give it its color. Kavuni Arisi puttu is a popular dish made from this rice variety.


7. Rava Puttu


Rava Puttu is a tasty breakfast or evening snack made from semolina and grated coconut. Puttu is a traditional Kerala dish made from roasted rice flour. This is a semolina-based variation. Rava Puttu is a delicious and soft dish that pairs well with Kadala Curry. You can serve a healthy breakfast dish with any side dish of your choice. This is one of the simplest dishes to prepare and requires very few ingredients.


8. Aval Puttu


Aval is one of Lord Krishna’s favorite foods. Aval Puttu is a simple sweet that can be made as an offering to Lord Krishna. Aval Puttu is made with aval (poha), jaggery, grated coconut, and cashews. This dish is very simple to prepare and can be stored for 2-3 days.


9. Bamboo Rice (Moongil Arisi) Puttu


Moongil Arisi, also known as Bamboo rice, is made from the seeds of a dying bamboo shoot. As a result, it is extremely rare. Bamboo rice is easily available in supermarkets these days, though it is a bit expensive. This has incredible health benefits as well, so try incorporating bamboo rice in the form of puttu into your diet.


10. Malabar Erachi puttu


The people of Kerala’s Malabar region have created this delicious Erachi Puttu for all non-vegetarians. It is created by layering minced meat masala with puttu. It is indeed a very delicious non-vegetarian delicacy in Kerala.


Wrapping up


Puttu and kadala curry have been named the healthiest breakfast in Kerala by nutritionists. According to them, the combination of carbs is excellent. Since it is steamed, it not only retains nutrients but is also a good source of energy. The finely ground rice powder mixed with grated coconut and steamed is such a nostalgic touch of our culture.

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